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Digital Fundraising 

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Digital Advertising

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AI, Data, Targeting

SMS & Digital Organizing

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Digital Fundraising

Email Management

List Growth and Email Acquisition

Social Media Management & Advertising for Fundraising

Text, P2P and Online Messaging

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Email Management

Our team of experienced copywriters & fundraisers are able to capture the unique voice of your campaign. We don’t rely on misleading tricks to artificially boost vanity metrics. Instead, we use data to create email campaigns that raise money while staying true to your unique voice & message.

We have seen firsthand what early and consistent investment in list acquisition can do for a campaign’s fundraising. We prefer acquiring emails of the highest quality to list swaps and other tactics that hurt deliverability.

We were one of the first political digital fundraisers to rely heavily on direct to donate and social media to not only help fundraise for campaigns but to also acquire new donors. Our blended approach to social media meets at the intersection of organic, video content and static, evergreen content to ensure a healthy engagement, reach, and following.

Our clients have access to industry-leading communications tools. With a primary focus on communicating with supporters outside of email, our platform ensures high deliverability, personalization, automation, & data-first optimization. We can utilize text communication, mobile push and online messaging to maximize results.

We create a dialogue with our clients so they can create a dialogue with their audience. We plan, adapt, and respond to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. By creating one-of-a-kind creative assets, we implement strategic campaigns that make a difference.

  • Personal messaging - your unique voice not templates

  • Email + direct to donate + acquisition

  • Quality over quantity

  • Grow with AI assisted analytics

  • Real-time database & reporting dashboards

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