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We achieved a remarkable return on investment (ROI) through email fundraising.

In August 2022, we began working with a voting rights nonprofit to boost its digital fundraising efforts. With a $100,000 investment in our services, which included an aggressive acquisition strategy, we achieved a remarkable return on investment (ROI) through email fundraising. We acquired a significant amount of new donors through our digital fundraising program alone, contributing to the overall funds raised across their national fundraising program.

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Strategy: Acquisition & Targeted Quality Content

Acquisition of Our High-Quality Data

Our extensive network and digital fundraising history across the country led to a strong database of openers, clickers, and, most importantly, donors. Our high-quality names have not only increased the client’s fundraising capabilities but provided a healthy email list for future use. In an age where spam rates are rising and email lists are continuously burned through, our high-quality and precisely targeted data played a key role in the success of the client’s program.

  • The client invested $24,000 in our high-quality emails. Since being added to the client’s email list, our names have led to over 300% ROI. This exceptional ROI, in only six months, underscores the effectiveness of our acquisition data.

Targeted Content Approach

Our client’s goal was to foster an inclusive environment and promote values that go across all party lines. By resonating with voters through informative and unifying messaging, we connected with a broad audience, which led to the amplification of our impact.

Outcome: Strong Donor Base and Fundraising Success

Building a Strong Donor Base

Our high-quality names have contributed to the growth of our client’s email list, reaching an impressive milestone of 150,000 active email addresses. Our expertise in donor engagement played a crucial role in helping expand our client’s outreach efforts. Together, we have successfully acquired 1,500 new donors, enhancing the organization's influence and impact.

Driving Fundraising Success

Our client’s investment, recognizing our expertise in high-quality email fundraising, has laid a strong foundation for their future fundraising success. The program overall resulted in a 136% ROI and 1,500 new donors in just six months. This collaboration highlights the power of combining resources and expertise to achieve impactful results.

Conclusion: The impact of quality acquisition in this age of digital fundraising

The acquisition strategy we implemented for our client, combined with our high-quality names as a driving force, has established a new benchmark for success in fundraising. By combining targeted email campaigns, compelling story-telling, and a commitment to facts, we’ve fostered meaningful engagement that will pay off over and over.

Our firm continues to stand out in the digital marketing landscape. We have a track record of expert-level strategies to safeguard the integrity of email lists, guarantee successful delivery, prevent high spam rates, and help our clients reach their goals.

If your cause or initiative requires a digital strategy, get in touch with us to learn more about our services. We’d love to work with you!

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